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Apr 1, 2013 7:00am PDT
off-site developments; requiring rental units that convert to ownership to sell at less than the price for ownership units under certain circumstance; establishing pricing for affordable single room occupancy units; changing the status of projects using california debt limit allocation committee tax exempt bonds so that such projects are subject to the program, but that units may qualify as on or off-site units under certain circumstances; allowing income levels of qualifying households to exceed those specified in certain situations; authorizing the mayor's office of housing to change a monitoring fee to verify occupancy of affordable units; making technical clarifications and corrections, and making environmental findings and findings of consistency with the general plan. ~ ordinance >> thank you. and item number 1 is sponsored by the mayor. and i do have amendments that have been requested by the mayor's office of housing and, so, i will distribute those. the amendment is to add an uncodified section to the ordinance providing that the exemption from the inclusionary housing p
Apr 14, 2013 5:50pm EDT
is a direct tie between illegal immigration and the drug cartel in the united states. alabama is a border state. we happen to border water, we border the gulf of mexico. particularly in southern alabama, we're a pipeline for narcotics coming into the united states, predocument mittly out f the united states. there are major drug trafficking arteries coming into the united states. the immigration has become a great concern because some illegal immigrants, either use the drug trade or the drug trade uses them to get them into the united states. we found a direct correlation with that. initially when alabama passed this immigration law the law was very tough. it was going to place a lot of requirements on law enforcement and a lot of things we were going to have to procedurely in order to enforce this law. ironically, most law enforcement officers disagreed with the passage of this law. the reason is, we recognize that citizenship goes to the united states of america, not necessarily to the united states of alabama. >> christians feel that we have a responsibility to help those in nee
Apr 14, 2013 10:00pm EDT
meyers recounts the united nations search for a location for its headquarters from 1944 to 1946. [applause] >> thank you very much. thanks for coming, everyone. while we change the slides in the front, let me say thanks to all of you. those of us who write and do research are dependent on a vast network of support, and i want to express a public thanks to archivists, to historians, colleagues and friends and the editors and publishers who helped me on the journey that i'm going to be speaking with you about tonight. um, and i want to start out by saying something you probably have never heard at the beginning of a history lecture which is that it's okay to laugh. as the cartoon on the screen suggests, there are some laughable moment toss the story -- moments to the story that we're going to be thinking together about tonight. some of it is going to strike you as a little bit funny, and it is from our vantage point. tonight we're thinking back to the years 1944-'46, the end of the second world war and the transition to peace. and in the midst of that transition when, of course, t
Apr 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
three-unit building, two units had to be occupied for owner. for a four unit, three units need to be occupied by owners. i think it is important for decision makers to listen to all parties and ultimately make decisions that seek the best interest of everyone, and i think that this is what we are doing today. thank you. >> thank you. president chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair. and first let me start by thanking all the members of the audience for your patience and not just today, but over the last few months in getting us to where we are today. as supervisors yee and farrell alluded to, i will be introducing amendments to the proposed bypass legislation. and i want to take a moment first to thank the many tenant organizations that have worked with my office and our supervisors on this from the san francisco tenants union to the affordable housing alliance, ccdc, to the housing rights committee, the tenderloin housing clinic, just cause, and many other organizations that have been passionate on this topic and have really helped to shape i think many of our thinking on it. i also want
Apr 21, 2013 10:00am EDT
place that be the center for diplomacy, but a place that would house the united nations could be grander. it might be its own identity, sun city or an expansive suburb. it might be that the world's fair for her b-day cake upon the fashion on this bp are convinced they get the impression people working team of the emerald city as they were thinking about the capital of the world in 1845. but this is the story we are entering an two. if they were to the capital of the world, where would it be? this is a proposition american cities and towns could not resist, including philadelphia, but also many others. no one announced a competition, least about the united nations, better race began even before the u.n. officially it is to come a race began to get the attention of the world diplomats and when the price of becoming the capital of the world. it was a race that said it boosters trying to get attention for their hometown and a hometown and abrasive newspaper reporters who are covering the story, but in many cases often created the story so as to boost the campaigns for bringing the un
Apr 22, 2013 11:30am PDT
units or three owner occupants for buildings that are 5 to 6 units, would be eligible for conversion once they meet the six-year occupancy requirement. so, that's the first piece of our amendments. the second piece of our amendments -- by the way, if there are not enough copies, there should be. folks can stop by my office down the hall and we can certainly make more copies and this will be online shortly. the second element, though, as i alluded to before, would be a suspension of the lottery. and a slightly complicated formula but it would be as follows. the lottery would be suspended for at least a minimum of 10 years. the maximum period of the suspension would be the number of converted units divided by 200, which is the current annual number under the lottery. and then there's an additional element that supervisor yee had suggested that if the city were to produce affordable housing units beyond both 300 per year envisioned under last year's proposition c, 2012 housing trust fund and the number of units that are converted under the lottery, the suspension could be closer to 10 y
Apr 15, 2013 10:00pm PDT
believe that this proposal protects our affordable housing stock by linking the number of units converted from tic to condo to the number of units of affordable housing we produced. i want to really highlight this. we recognize as a board that we want to protect our affordable housing stock, and therefore, we recognize that by losing units through the conversion process, we are committed as a city to replace those units with affordable housing. in this legislation, we want the length of the suspension to be directly linked to our ability to build affordable housing, creating a shared commitment to affordable housing. we also want to curb speculation by sending clear rule that protect tic owners that reside in their units by requiring a higher threshold of occupancy for future conversion. in the future, we want to limit the conversions to 30 buildings of four units or less, and require higher occupancy levels for these same buildings for a three-unit building, two units had to be occupied for owner. for a four unit, three units need to be occupied by owners. i think it is important for dec
Apr 15, 2013 8:00pm EDT
the united states house of representatives. and on this day, on this tragic day as we've watched the events unfold in boston, and each of us, our hearts go out and our prayers go out to the victims, the victims' families and all of those who are doing so much to put back together the great city of boston while our hearts bleed for the whole country, and i am -- i am -- i think optimistic that the president, at least his office, has declared this to be an act of terror. it clearly is. we will bring the perpetrators to justice and many of us fear this is another episode in a long series of episodes of terrorist attacks against americans and in the united states. and it troubles us more here than any place else than it might happen when americans are attacked any place in the world. mr. speaker, i add to this point, we are a resilient people, we are a proud, self-confident, tenacious people. and if anyone attacks americans, it has the opposite effect. it strengthens our resolve and galvanizes us to action. even though as years go by and we look back on some of these attacks on americans
Apr 11, 2013 5:00pm PDT
quote to the united states than maybe the western portions of alaska. still, that's egregious and that's a threat and it's dangerous. their missile technology, we have a pretty good sense of how that has evolved.
Apr 26, 2013 2:00am PDT
elizabeth gordon and i am a co-owner of two tic buildings in the city, one a six unit building that we purchased 8 years ago in district three, and a 3, unit building about ten years in district eight. while the original bypass legislation is much needed, the amendments make it impossible our chances of converting our tic units to condos, we have previously met the existing requirements of three years, in both buildings we have been in a lottery before but to no avail, we are were not drawn. but now we have lost in one building, an owner occupier and we are about to lose in another building another owner, through no fault of the remaining owners. the existing tic law is hard enough already as it exists. these amendments have done or have encouraged these unattractive tic ownership going forward. because of the change to the owner occupantcy requirements from two to six years, even if they started to again the lost or about to lost one owner occupier in each of those buildings, the bypass legislation will have expired by the time that we have a replacement in place and satisfy the new 6
Apr 20, 2013 4:44am PDT
to individual units before they become tics. i urge the board of supervisors to seek a more inclusive and effective solution to a tic issue to better address those of us affected like myself and my family. and i thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, and before we get to the next speaker, i have a feeling some of the names i called may no longer be here. let me read some additional names and have you come up. nancy mcnally. bill crizwell. james patrick carol. jacob block who i think had to leave. theresa duvalis. tracy parent. marty de lollis. sarah sherman simmer and [speaker not understood]. were you done yet? >>> i'm tina, the next one. >> okay. why don't we -- it's your turn now. sorry about that. >>> no problem. my name is tina chung, community organizer and spareable chinatown cdc. i urge the board of supervisors to adopt a more balanced solution to the current legislation. a proposed council hundreds of tenants, some assessed most vulnerable and low-income. and most often are not, they have to live in san francisco as a necessity. access to transit, medical
Apr 7, 2013 6:30pm EDT
united states and nate tiff americans is a great priority for the united states. it's a great job. it's a great department because it covers everything from sea to shining sea and out into the 1.7 billion acres of the shelf which we control at interior. >> some have called this the department of everything else. >> some v. and if you think back to the history of the department, it's one of the older departments in the united states and it was created to handle all matters related to the interior of the united states which and over time some function versus been moved to other departments and other functions added to this department. but it is a department with a very broad mission. so the way i'd like to think about it is that we are the custodian of america's natural resources and that's all the energy. our national parks and also our history. because in the statute of liberty to the historic monuments that we oversee around the country, that is all part of our mission at the department. >> every cabinet secretary has to make decisions and get pressure on different fronts. but in
Apr 26, 2013 2:30am PDT
wish to own a flat or a unit inside of a building, but we are the enemies of all of those that have decided to line their pockets under the name of tic and displaced and evicted thousands from our neighborhoods. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> it is shameful that in the year that we are and in the city that we are being san francisco, there are more than 7,000 homeless families more than 7,000 homeless people and a lot of them family and children on the streets right now. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i agree that property owners cannot be mother teresas and that they have their own interest but i think there needs to be a base line for human rights on housing, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> or ma'am, were you also speaking on your behalf. >> great. thank you. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i have lived in the mission district for over 34 and a half years, and i am a member of (inaudible) hosta. >> [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i have raised my five children in the unit that i currently live in and everything was fine until five years
Apr 18, 2013 7:44am PDT
encroach upon that >> next speaker, please. we own a two unit building on the same block and i'm here to show my whole support we know how challenging it is the live and raise a family in san francisco. we too had to remodel our home adding two bedrooms to accommodate our rapidly growing city. homeowners should have the right to remodel and we find the project to be reasonable, well thought out and taste imply done. whether measured in square footage will be in line with the homes on our block. additionally we feel the project will positively impact the neighborhood. we see that the neighbors are putting in a tar roof we have that on the top of our building. from our vantage point the remodel will make for a much greener city escape. in the front yard their replaying a concrete slab with a beautiful landscape. i believe it would be more attractive to have more trees along the city sidewalks. it also added an additional parking space. the modern design is very sensible to the 1950s building and the whole building will refresh the neighborhood with no negative impact. we very much
Apr 15, 2013 5:30pm PDT
subdivider solves sells the unit to somebody, rent control still applies. ~ so, we just want to make sure that the sale doesn't happen prior to mapping. that's why we suggested the amendment to supervisor kim who is carrying it. what it does is it prevents someone who is seeking to get around the lifetime lease provision from selling the unit with the lifetime limit prior to mapping entering into a contract, and then having the purchaser come into court and say, hey, i didn't know about this lease. i didn't know i was bound by this, and getting a court to set it aside. so, we just want to make sure that it's actually a binding lifetime lease because that is so important in the balance. in other words, if we're going to allow 2400 conversions in the course of a couple of years or three years or four years and we want to make sure [inaudible]. >> thank you, mr. kohlier. next speaker. before you go, let me read the final cards and i'll allow you to speak. miguel guerrera, jesus perez. brian basinger. [speaker not understood]. peter cohan. and then jennifer friedenbach. [speaker not unde
Apr 22, 2013 4:14am PDT
social security and i applied for housing and they had 100 units and 3,000 people applying. this was people in wheel chairs and walkers and 89 years old and i didn't think i had a chance. i have been looking at rents. the cheapest thing i can find that i can afford is either in stockton or eureka and i don't want to be the only gay person for 50 miles. that's one thing, and the other thing i don't know anybody there at all, so i will have to do what i have to do. but the city i believe in 10 years they have to get rid of rent control because it won't be of use anymore and there will be no rentals. people are buying up everything and they're reselling it. the problem is that these huge companies are coming in and there is nothing you can do about them. they have the ellis act on their side. it's going to change the character of the city quite a bit. it's not going to be the place where everything started. it's going to be the place where everything didn't happen so i thought i would tell you that. there really isn't much i can do. our hands are tied. your hands are tied, but i will ap
Apr 30, 2013 6:00am EDT
afghanistan. i simply thought the united states was trying to remake other societies around the world that would resist remaking our vital national interests, i just couldn't understand why it was we embarked on both of those nation building projects and secondly, here as home i thought we were underperforming, it was the mirror image, trying to do too much abroad and not as much as home, the fiscal debate, simpson-bowles went nowhere, any time you land at kennedy airport you get 101 course on our infrastructure and look at our schools, they are not doing it and didn't have immigration reform so it is this combination and back at home we simply were not doing things to invest in our own future so we would have the re-- resources we could need in order to remain a great power throughout this century. >> rose: but this is not new argument a lot of people have made this argument, including the president, i think, in the speech he made at west point. >> the president has talk about nation building at home, he has done some of it but two things where i think he has wrong and there are places i
Apr 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
eliminating the possibility of converting five and six-unit buildings into condos. we will see thousands of rent controlled units taking it out of risk. we will see thousands more tenants taken out of risk of being evicted. that is very significant going to the condo conversion law. and by not having a lottery for at least the next ten years we will have a chance to reassess this whole tic business which has resulted in out of control condos and irresponsible sales to these tic owners by real estate speculators and take more advances in rent control housing stock. and i, too, want to reiterate that we have heard today from supervisor farrell that he would like to support these amendments, perhaps with some tweaks, that these are as far as tenants can give and we need to see these amendments adopted as is right now. and again, thanks for all your work, supervisors chiu, kim and yee who is no longer here. thanks. >> thank you. next speaker. >>> hi. i'd like to first of all just say that tenants are in need at this time. and i just really feel like tic owners knew what they were getting int
Apr 21, 2013 1:44am PDT
providers to allow us to pay subsidies and put services into affordable housing units so that the rents are lower, so that homeless people and people with disabilities can live in those units, and also get the support of services that they need in order to maintain the housing there. i don't have a lot of time but i took a look at number of seniors that we house so in our supportive housing program which is called direct access to housing we have 1600 units. at least 26% of the units are set aside for seniors so that earmarked for seniors. you have to be a senior 55 or older to get in. in reality 58% of residents are seniors and we have subsidies for people with hiv and we had people earlier testify going that and 41% and 72% of those units -- actually of those vouchers, of the subsidies are used by people over 50. that's probably no surprise but i want to give you those numbers. in our medical resident sobering center 35% of clients are over 55, and i was not able on short notice to find out how many of the people that we serve in the primary care clinic how many are over 55, but since
Apr 27, 2013 12:00pm EDT
>> now, rashid khalidi argues the united states is far from being an impartial broker in negotiations between the israelis and palestinians. this program is just under 90 minutes. >> you all heard that crack by winston churchill that governments usually do the right thing after trying everything else. i have much less faith in that than i did when i first heard it, having work for many years on the issue of middle east peace, and especially israeli israeli-palestinian peace. but in any case we're delighted to join with our other cosponsors, the institute of palestine studies, the georgetown school of contemporary arab studies, and the middle east policy council, and joyce, who edits the excellent middle east quarterly, is here with us today. thanks to all of you for supporting this, and also for coming, and to hear a commentary by rashid about his new book, which is a superb and disheartening analysis, heavily documented, called, "borners o deceit." a stunning analysis of this terrible conflict over the last 35 years. and how the united states has been a party not just an
Apr 1, 2013 1:00am EDT
united states? one could argue it begins as early as the woodrow wilson administration because britain issued the balfour declaration in 1917 that said his majesty's government will do whatever it can to provide a homeland for jews in palestine as long as it did not violate there right to of those who were already there and woodrow wilson backed the bell for a declaration. that was important but then the ascendancy to the presidency almost exactly coincides with adolf hitler's gaining control in germany and these two men, the democrat and the dictator linked first in conflict then to war and rice to the beginning of the roosevelt administration discussions over the persecution of jews in germany. >> two was leading those discussions? >> probably the leading% was an informal adviser who roosevelt had known much earlier when he was assistant secretary of the navy and they reestablished the friendship when roosevelt ran for governor in 1928 against a jewish opponent and frankfurter was an important to initiate those discussions and what americans can do about it also the secretary of labo
Apr 21, 2013 10:00pm EDT
highlights. i hope that you all have some questions at the end. in preparation in 1991, the united states got letter of assurance z from those who attended. the letter from the palestinians was not addressed to the pto as was said, but promised the u.s. would oppose actions that were prejudice or presidential to negotiations. actions like israeli settlement expansion. this as several other promises were never kept. the letter also promised, and i quote, that the united states will act as an honest broker. similarly, during negotiations in 2008, 17 years later, u.s. secretary of state, dr. condoleezza rice told the palestinian negotiation wanted to meet with them privately, and i quote from the palestine documents leak by the palestinian delegation saying, i want to meet with you privately, quote, so i can tell you what i think of your positions without hurting my role as the honest broker. the letter of assurances sent by secretary baker to the palestinians in 1991, and secretary rice's comments in 2008 reiterate a central myth about the palestinian-israeli conflict. this is that t
Apr 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
type of units that will be able to be converted in the future and the lifetime leases are a small reparation for the years of displacement that our communities have faced. the amendments are a start to changing the priorities in our city, to begin to support working class residents. the real estate industry does not need any more or immediately [speaker not understood] the process to make profits. please support the amendment to this legislation without any changes, and help us begin to curb the real estate speculation that is -- the real estate speculation that has caused displacement and is destroying our city and neighborhoods neighborhood by neighborhood. >> thank you. next speaker, mr. [speaker not understood]. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. early evening. peter cohen, council committee [speaker not understood]. as my colleague fernando mar teen mentioned, we submitted a letter back to you in january. just want to point out, we're talking about the city's existing rental housing stock and the slow erosion of that stock through condo conversion and the 2009 housing element p
Apr 20, 2013 5:14am PDT
road. this process forever reduces rent controlled units. to suggest that the nominal fee proposed in this legislation would somehow place an apartment is beyond cynical. even the maximum fee of $20,000 would build what, a small bathroom? i am sincerely appreciative of the [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >>> good afternoon, jennifer friedenbach, coalition of homelessness. i also want to speak as a resident of san francisco. right now san francisco you're all very aware is at a critical juncture. right now we have such a severe housing crises, rents are sky rocketing. we have 2200 children in san francisco unified schools that are homeless. just last year, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of households were displaced. we need to draw a line in the sand. we need to halt it and we need to try to preserve as much as we can every household in san francisco. the fact that during this time that this legislation was introduced was frankly pretty flabbergasted. i want to talk about just my block, and i actually wrote, you know, put together a graph that was
Apr 4, 2013 6:00am PDT
north is threatening to launch a nuclear strike against the united states. >>> bank of japan policymakers decide to pump more money into the system. they're trying to pull the country out of deflation. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." north korean military commanders seem to be raising the stakes. south korea's defense minister says they appear to have put a medium range ballistic missile into position. it's their latest threat in response to ongoing u.s./south korean military drills. defense minister kim kwan-jin spoke at parliamentary committee meeting. >> translator: it's not a long-range missile but it has considerable range. it could be for test firing or for drills. >> a recent u.s. intelligence image shows what looks like a ballistic missile being moved by train to east coast of north korea. the location of a launch site. kim's description matches that of a midrange missile known as musdun. the north koreans unveiled it in 2010 during a military parade. its estimated range of 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers puts it in striking distance of japan and a u.s. base on the pac
Apr 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
united states. >> i say what i think is behind it -- big losers, not being able to settle themselves and hating everyone. >> is a local could not say what might have motivated the two brothers to become the alleged boston marathon bombers. the 19-year-old says he studied at a prestigious cambridge school in massachusetts after receiving a scholarship. he described his dues as islamic and said the main things in life are career and monday. -- and money. we know the brothers are ethnic chechens but beyond that, the picture is not certain. when the boys were young, their family lived in the central asian nation of cure distend but may have moved to the russian republic thedagostan to escape persecution of chechens. around 2001, the family moved to the united states but the parents later returned to dagostan and let the brothers allowed in the united states. earlier, >> i am outside school number one. it is well -- this is where the whole family after they moved out of cure to stand -- kyrgystan were educated. i have been going around the school and talking to the director and to the teacher
Apr 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
afford many of these units. there are millionaires buying buildings and they are not the fantasy working class person but the industry wants the example of why this legislation needs to be put north. the proposed compromise on the conversions makes us nervous, we would be more comfortable with voting this down, but we are standing by the allies who have lived and breathed this for year. we support the compromise that it cannot be watered down further. >> we don't like the legislation that moves the goal post. (inaudible) the rules of the lottery and changing the rules now that they might be able to change the rules again, we want to see the lottery go away altogether and stop tics from being converted into condos. and in an ideal world we would have added more amendments we think that the 4,000 to 20,000 conversion fee is too small. idealy the cover should cover the cost of building a replacement unit. we want to have an oversight agency to see the conversions through so that no dirty properties are able to convert and lifetime leases can be enforced on a local and state level. (
Apr 15, 2013 10:30pm PDT
tic units to owners with encouragement of other bypassers on the horizon. i've seen many tenants evicted or bought out. bought out means little because they're unable to find another place to live in the city. so, picture this. i have, for instance, aiee. a mother and former tenant evicted recently from in knob hill, a building owned by a real estate investor. her son has to bus across the city to go to school. during the eviction process he didn't have it easy at school. so, families like her, this means a lot for community, diversity and also for our neighborhoods. the second thing is for another client ms. wong is elderly and cared for by her adult son full time. real estate firm urban green investments has more than once asked the tenants to move out, harassed them and meanwhile ms. wong and her son are still living without heat and most of the windows in her unit are broken. that's in district 8. so, i also [speaker not understood] time lease issue project tenants while living in ti chis do not account for those ready to displace. i urge that you guys, this board of supervis
Apr 29, 2013 2:00am EDT
united states of america. [applause] [applause] >> tomorrow on the c-span networks, to events marker and the 20th anniversary of the holocaust resume in washington. former president bill clinton and nobel prize winner wieselfe fell -- elie will deliver remarks. then a series of panels will discuss the holocaust and genocide prevention with live coverage beginning at noon eastern on c-span two. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> if you are trying to generate on the government and they are looking for ways to generate new revenue, silicon valley has the answers. if you're trying to explore better innovation within your , silicon valley has the answers. from an entrepreneur standpoint, how was entrepreneurship different in silicon valley and other places? so much of it is often based on failure and learning from one's experiences. it is also recognizing that you can be part of the process of adopting other people ideas or you may have the idea idea for the next big thing. the bottom line is, there is an authent
Apr 4, 2013 5:00pm EDT
20 women in the united states senate. we've got a long, long ways to go. as you look at the upcoming leaders and a lot of the states and corporations, there are good women and fairly senior roles that we need to encourage and put pressure on wherever we are, to give those women a chance to take the top job. it really does matter. we were looking at this on emily's list in the next few years and has one top job but a woman has never had in this country, the one of president of the united states in case you didn't get that. at least, how do we start talking about how important it is to have women's executive leadership in the united states? that's when throw these conversations in the corporate world have you got to talk about law firms and partnerships, but also mayor ships across the country. we have great women running in new york city and chris quinn and allied and to women about to break ceilings because those cities have never elected women mayors. we've got to explain why this matters. and it does matter. they've got a whole bunch of governorships in the next two years. 38 that
Apr 7, 2013 1:15am EDT
united states and the caribbean. we are largely an advocacy ffice here in the united states. e work very closely with colleagues from the government of all branches. we do a lot of outreach. my role here is to be responding to inquiries. we work closely with the u.s. congress. there are a lot of staffers on the capitol hill interested in the work we do overseas. my role is to share information about what we do on a daily basis. i get questions about -- i heard that families move from this camp to that camp in south sudan overnight. i've been with unhcr for almost eight years. i have been fortunate enough to travel. nhcr is an emergency organization. you see us mostly in the headlines. yria is mostlying grabbing headlines now. those are all operations we work on with as much heart about the ones -- as the ones you care about. i work in afghanistan for lmost six months where i did donor relations. i also worked in refugee camps on the border of kenya and somalia. i wanted to share with you the inspiration behind our colleagues. and ever i get a chance to people, i want to make sure i
Apr 21, 2013 11:30pm EDT
west and the united states and across the road entire families and communities and women and children, people going to a funeral and a wedding party have been blown up and then here we see collateral damage there are no civilians being killed. we need to collect these different worlds and see ultimately is this what we the united states of america stand for, is this what we are exporting to the world? >> how do we connect the dots? >> test began and it has to be multi dimensional. it has to be more than just about security and the legality. it's the crucial element in any society but the united states also stamps for morality and it takes the vision of the founding fathers. a certain kind of society is civilization, civility itself. the only because the title civility in it so these are crucial features of the american vision and i believe that its most profound they are challenged and i think that will come. >> does the u.s. in your view, professor, have legitimate concerns? >> it has every right to be concerned. it has every kind of precautions hi-lof security. its ambassad
Apr 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
an expectation. narrator: over 300 million people live in the united states. and each person uses an average of 100 gallons of water every day. man: what it takes to actually make clean water is somewhat a mystery to most customers. woman: so how does water get from the river into your house, or here at school? woman: somebody has to bring that water to us, and somebody has to take it away when we're finished with it. man: the water infrastructure is vital for disease protection, fire protection, basic sanitation, economic development, and for our quality of life. man: you just can't visualize all the assets that are under our feet. we have about two million miles of pipe in this nation. if you're walking around in an urban area, you're probably stepping on a pipe. man: our grandparents paid for, and put in for the first time, these large distribution systems. woman: and in many cases, it's not been touched since. man: we're at a critical turning point. much of that infrastructure is wearing out. narrator: our water infrastructure is made up of complex, underground systems that funct
Apr 8, 2013 4:00am PDT
. requesting two r.a. units at the location. i have one coming in with me right now. where are you? yeah, officer down. here comes an r.a. right now. give me an r.a.! two r.a.'s! who's hit? in the foot. his right foot. okay, okay. guys, back off. talk to mike, right now. where's he hit? in the foot. okay. who is it? we got his gun? al, you're going to be okay, buddy. we got an r.a. coming right now. hang tight they'll take care of you. we got the gun and the guy in custody okay, start a log. right now, start a log. just get one going. i got the suspect. griffith's taking him to the station right now. do we have all suspects in custody? all suspects. there's one suspect; we got him in custody. we have the gun in custody. somebody kicked down over here. i already got two r.a. units in here. where did the shooting go down? right here. where are the casings? i don't know. where's john wilson and is he all right? on the other side. who's the other r.a. for? there's another guy down shot in the leg. how bad is he? minor wound. let's completely shut down that auto yard. nobody in or out.
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Apr 15, 2013 9:00am PDT
happens to it in the senate either. the united nations aka the most fashionable anti-violence show room. >> it regulates the transfer of light weapons to combat aircraft and ensure they won't be used to the commit acts of terror or organized crime. >> jon: aka the bond viable prevention treaty. see if you can guess what happened next. >> this past weekend the senate passed an amendment specifically prohibiting the u.s. from signing on to the treaty. >> jon: of course they did. if they don't preserve our rights to sell guns to terrorists, what are they going to fight us with? [laughter] ideas? come on! actually, the reason we cannot support a treaty to stop the terrorist and druglords arm trade -- >> ted crux says it should be rejected it's international gun regulation and should not be ratified. >> it's laid within language that could you drive a tank through that threatens second amendment rights of all americans. >> jon: how did this become about second amendment rights. treaty reaffirms the sovereign right of any state to regulate a conventional arms pursuant to its legal or con
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